Myths About Tough Mudder Training

Tough Mudder will test your physical abilities like nothing else. To compete, let alone finish your going to need to train. Let me play “Mythbuster” here and bust a few myths.

MYTH #1 – If you’re not hurting after a workout, you’re not pushing it enough.

Well you should be SORE but physically hurting. Being sore means you most likely had a good workout but if you are having sharp pains or having joint pain then you are going past your limits.

The “No Pain – No Gain” saying probably means you are doing the exercises wrong. To compete in a Tough Mudder you need to train smarter not harder!

MYTH #2 – If you really want to get into shape you need to workout at a gym.
Well certainly you have more equipment available at a gym and the convenience BUT there is nothing that says it necessary.

With just a set of dumbbells and a body weight routine you can get into incredible shape. Hall of Famer, Emmit Smith trained most of his life with a daily routine of:

1,000 pushups
2,000 sit ups
1,500 pull-ups
1,000 dips
1,000 squats

Try doing that and see if you don’t get into better shape than anyone at your gym!

MYTH #3 – Doing crunches will flatten your stomach to give you a “six pack”
No amount of crunches are going flatten belly fat.  All it will do it make it worse because your ab muscles to grow in size pushing out the belly fat more!

You cannot target any certain area of fat, all you can do is decrease your total amount of fat and by default your belly too. There is no escaping it, doing cardio and eating right is the ONLY way to reduce the size of your belly.

Now a couple of facts:

FACT #1 – You can reduce depression by exercising.

When you work out hard enough your brain will produce something called endorphins, this is also what gives runners the “Runners High”. These pleasure hormones will give you feelings of well being and happiness.

You don’t need to run a marathon to get the benefits of endorphins. 20-30 minutes of at least moderately intensive workouts will give you a general feeling of well being and reduce the symptoms of depression in just a few months.

FACT #2 – Increase your energy level with exercise.

Instead of reaching for a “5 Hour Energy” drink you should reach for a dumbbell. Exercise is a MUCH better pick me up than caffeine. Its counter-intuitive but working out increases blood flow and oxygen levels in the blood. Also your heart rate goes up which brings more oxygen and nutrients to the brain making you more alert and focused..

See here for body weight exercises that don’t require a gym. Here is some workout equipment that will get you in Tough Mudder shape along with a training program I use.

Good luck and remember just finish the race and not worrying about your time will make it much easier.

– Robert Walsh

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