Tough Mudder Gear

Tough Mudder Gear

Your guide to finding the best Tough Mudder Gear and obstacle race accessories: hydration backpacks, video recording equipment, runners belts, shirts and hats.

Backpacks & Hydration

While it may not be necessary for most Tough Mudders it is certainly nice to carry your own hydration with you instead of depending on the race to provide it. Not to mention you will be able to carry some energy gels or bars plus some other small items.

Camelbak HydroBak 50 oz Hydration Pack

It isn’t recommended but if you need to carry a camera this Camelbak pack is the way to go. It has a 1.5 liter capacity. It fits pretty securely without bouncing around too much or get hung up on anything during obstacles.
TETON Sports Trailrunner 2.0 Hydration Backpack

If you need to carry a bit more stuff you can move to a little bigger back. This Teton has 2 liter capacity and makes a solid trail running backpack.
Camelbak Rogue 70 oz Hydration Pack

This is about as big as you’d want to safely go or else you’re probably going to be slowing yourself down. If you have to carry a camera or some energy gel for your whole team, this one will do the job. It has a 2 liter capacity bladder.

Video Recording

Whats the fun of running a Tough Mudder without some video to document your triumphs and/or defeats! All of them come with a waterproof protective case to keep out the mud and water.

HERO4+ Black Edition

What better way to capture the race than the top of the line GoPro.

It has high-resolution, high-frame rate video: 4K30, 2.7K60, 1440p80, 1080p120, 960p120, 720p240 (super slow motion capture)video modes with a 12MP camera.
HERO4+ Silver Edition

Dont wanna go top of the line? Well the silver edition features professional-quality video at resolutions up to 1080p60 and 12MP photos at up to 30 frames per second.
GoPro HERO4 Session

Not feeling like spending too much $$ then the Session is for you. It features professional-quality video 1440p30, 1080p60 and 720p100 and 8MP photos at up to 3 frames per second.
Go Pro Head Mount

No matter which Go Pro edition you choose you will need a head mount so it doesn't get in way when your crawling through the mud.

Runners Belt

Here is a  alternative to a backpack, while it doesn’t carry any water it will allow you to carry some small items in a convenient way.

SPIbelt Adult Water Resistant Belt with Energy Gel Loops

The last Tough Mudder I ran I saw one of these and thought it was a pretty good idea. This is a bit more convenient to use to bring along some energy gel packs and maybe a small camera and car keys.

– Robert Walsh

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