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The 3 Best Women’s Tough Mudder Shoes [2024 Reviews]

Wear these women's shoes for Mud Runs and Obstacle Course Races

I have received many requests for a list of the best Women’s trail running shoes for Tough Mudder. While I cant say I have actually worn these shoes myself, I have talked to many women who have run a Tough Mudder or mud run and have compiled a list of the most recommended shoes.

Here is a feature overview of the shoes with more details below:

Women’s Tough Mudder Shoes

Salomon Women’s SpeedcrossMerrell Women's Trail GloveNew Balance Women's WT610
editors choice
Upper:Textile and Synthetic LeatherTextile and Synthetic MeshTextile and Synthetic Leather
Lacing:QuicklaceTraditional LacingTraditional Lacing

Obviously the challenge’s of a Tough Mudder /mud run event are the same for women. You can expect plenty of trail running – uphill, downhill, through mud, and even through creeks and standing water. Rarely will you be running on a flat, even surface with good traction.

There will of course be plenty of water in a Tough Mudder run. The best shoes will be able to survive dipping in and out of the water multiple times throughout the race and still be comfortable to run in.

Everyone has a different opinion on what makes the best shoes to wear for Trail Running and Mud Races. Some people will say go for the best trail shoes that you can afford, others will tell you it doesn’t really matter that much “they’re just going to get ruined anyway…”

I believe that your feet will thank you and you will have a much better time if you get a quality pair of trail running shoes.

So here are the best women’s trail running shoes for a Tough Mudder or any mud run /OCR, such as Spartan Race and Warrior Dash.

Remember all of these shoes come in a wide variety of colors!

Best Women’s Shoes for Tough Mudder

The number one trail running shoe for women is the same as for men: The Salomon Trail Running Shoe.  It is an ‘ultra-lightweight’ shoe designed for “Mud Running Races” and just plain trail running.

Tough Mudder races will throw you additional obstacles from the standard mountain path. The Speedcross 5 deals with these situations better than most with it’s Mud and Snow “Climashield” and “Contragrip sole”.

This protective upper with an ultra aggressive tread will help you from falling off the balance beam into the freezing water below!

The Salomon Speedcross Trail Shoe will have you feeling confident running trails in the worst of conditions with maximum traction and stability.

This Salomon shoe was hands down the favorite shoe among women who ran Tough Mudders. The fact that it cheaper than most other trail running shoes just makes it an easy choice.

Merrell is #2 for women as well as men. Merrell is considered the originator of the “Trail Shoe” category and they don’t disappoint with the all new Trail Glove Sport Running Shoe.

The Trail Glove falls into the ‘minimalist’ category just like the offerings from Salomon and New Balance.

These shoes are fabric based, with Merrell’s patented “TrailProtect” forefoot protection give a bit more support and protection for women. They have a zero heel-to-toe drop for that real bare-foot experience.

During a Tough Mudder run or trail running in general, your feet are going to get wet and sweaty.  The Charge has an upper breathable mesh that provides sweat-wicking properties and makes it an ideal trail running shoe.

Minimalist running shoes extra traction are desired by many women who run Tough Mudders because your not running on a smooth surface.

This is not a problem with Merrell’s ‘TrailProtect’ pad which cushions those rocks and obstacles very easily.

Probably the first thing you will hear from experienced Trail Runners and Mud Racers is to “go minimalist”. They are of course not referring to your choice of clothing but what type of shoe to wear.

The “minimalist” shoe category has been around for a while and New Balance has come out with a worthy shoe.

The WT610 Trail Running Shoe brings a very lightweight design combined with the “EVA foam sockliner” which  makes them extremely comfortable.

The WT610 has a VERY aggressive tread that will give you great traction in the wettest and slipperiest of conditions that you are sure to encounter in a Tough Mudder.

The ‘true’ fit of these New Balance shoes is something that trail runners all over the world rave about.

Being able to run long distances in wet and muddy conditions while avoiding blisters due to an uncomfortable, ill-fitting shoe is something every trail runner will appreciate!

New Balance doesn’t spend money on celebrity endorsements, preferring to put the money in research and developing quality shoes. The New Balance WT610 keeps this tradition.

Saloman Trail Gaiters

If there is one guarantee I can make, its that you will get rocks, sticks or pebbles in your shoes when trail running. The Saloman Trail Gaiters will COMPLETELY eliminate that very annoying problem.

These are simple to put on, they wrap around your ankle with a strap that goes around the bottom to keep it from pulling off in the mud. I have seen many people use duct tape for this purpose but the Trail Gaiters are such a better solution!

Many women say that you should wear a taller sock so that it doesn’t rub your ankle.

Note: you don’t have to wear a Saloman shoe to use these Trail Gaiters.


So there you have it – The 3 Best Trail Running Shoes For Women and one optional but highly recommended piece of equipment. Now you just need to make sure you have the gloves, training and strategy to compete.

Remember while you need to be in cardio shape, Tough Mudder is not just about running, you will need upper body strength to complete most of the obstacles. Here is some recommended equipment to help you train.

Good Luck!

If you are really serious about doing a Tough Mudder, or any other type of “Mud Run” the training program I recommend is the P90X. It has gotten me into the best shape of my life.  The program was created by fitness expert Tony Horton, frequent author for Men’s Health.

It is designed to get you into peak fitness in a short period of time using “Interval Workouts”, which have been proven the most effective way to lose weight and get into phenomenal shape. Its a complete program of workouts and how to eat for the most effective results and have you scaling the “Berlin Wall“,  running the “Mud Mile” and crossing the “Funky Money“.

If you follow this training plan you should be ready for the Tough Mudder, Spartan Race or Warrior Dash!

-Robert Walsh

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