Facing Your Fears

Fear: That’s what doing a Tough Mudder is all about and if you are afraid of some of the obstacles, that is perfectly normal.

While fear is normal and can paralyze you, you can overcome them!

There are numerous fears that need to be overcome to do a Tough Mudder:

  • Fear of Heights
  • Closed Spaces
  • Claustrophobia
  • Fear of Failure

Here is a simple 4 step plan to overcome them:

1 – Admit the Fear
You cannot solve a problem without actually admitting you have one. If you want to overcome it just by the very fact you are acknowledging it it will help you overcome it. Remember, no matter what your fear, you are NOT the only person to have it and there is no reason to feel weird or unusual for having it.

2 – Ease into overcoming it
Probably the number one fear is, fear of heights. So to overcome it take baby steps. You don’t go skydiving first thing! While going up the stairs, look over the edge as you are going up. Or do the same in a parking garage. Slowly build up some confidence.

3 – Have a Buddy Help You
No matter what your fear is, you are not the only person with it. Chances are excellent someone you know has the same fear. By working with a friend who has the same fear, it will make it that much easier if you work on it with friend. Using teamwork you can easily overcome the most hardened fear!

4 – Picture the Future Without the Fear
Remember to overcome the fear you must face it head-on. Its going to be uncomfortable. But by imagining the future without the fear it will make it that much easier to overcome. Knowing that other people have done it, should encourage you.

While it may be uncomfortable to start today, keep in mind a year from now if you haven’t faced it, you will wish you had started today!

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