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The 5 Best Tough Mudder Socks [2024 Reviews]

Wear these socks for Mud Runs and Obstacle Course Races

Your most important gear for running a Tough Mudder is without a doubt your footwear. The socks you wear are a close second and your choice will make a difference in how comfortable you will be.

Here is a feature overview of the socks with more details below:

Tough Mudder Socks

MudGear Trail Socks 1/4 CrewInjinji Mini Crew ToesocksDrymax Run Hyper Thin Mini Crew
editors choice
Material:65% - Drymax/Olefin 20% - Polyester 8% - Nylon 7% - Elastaine55% Polyester, 40% Nylon, 5% Lycra73% olefin/11% polyester/5% elastane/11% nylon
Features:Arch band holds sock in place, Dual layers knit together keeps feet dry.

The 1/4 Crew Turndown gives you a choice of sock height
Proper toe alignment, Blister and hotspot prevention.

High-density padded interface with maximum cushioning
Anti-Blister System, Anti-Slip Wedge helps keep sock from slipping into the shoe.

Breathable Mesh - Cools and dries feet

If you are not an active runner and developed thick callouses, there is a good chance you will develop blisters during the mud run. This is especially likely because your feet will be wet, most likely for the entire race.

If your feet are not comfortable, you are going to miserable!

And don’t forget there is a good chance that sand and small rocks may get in your shoes and rub your feet like sandpaper.

Not fun!

So after you get your shoes selected (Guide here) make sure you break them in. The shoes I recommend will need a minimum break in period but it is still necessary. Next you need select a good pair of socks. A good pair of socks doesn’t have to cost that much, but you don’t want to get the cheapest ones either.

Here are the socks I can recommend for the Tough Mudder or any mud run / OCR. Any of these socks are up to the task.

Best Tough Mudder Socks

The brand I would most recommend are made by Mudgear. They have a Dual Layer Moisture Removal System that moves moisture away from your skin and do a great job at keeping your feet dry.

MudGear Trail Socks

The Mudgear Trail Socks were designed specifically for running mud races. As a result these socks are excellent at preventing dirt/sand from getting in your shoe. Getting dirt inside your sock will make your day miserable, it can easily cause blisters or rub your skin raw.

The Mudgear Trail socks have some extra padding in the heel to provide just the right amount comfort and support. Being made with knowing your feet are going to get wet, they created a unique design that has ventilation in your arch that drains water and allows for air flow to keep your feet as dry as possible.

The Dual Layer Moisture Elimination System of these socks actually remove sweat and water from the skin through the inner Drymax layer and move it to the outer absorbent layer.

I have found these to be excellent socks to run a mud race with, for me its a toss up between these and the Injinji toe socks.

The Injinji Lightweight No Show socks are extremely comfortable. They eliminate moisture build up and keep your feet dry. What is so great about these socks are that they keep your toes separated, this way they don’t rub and eliminate blisters.

They also prevent moisture and water building up between your toes as they are completely covered and moisture is wicked away. These are below ankle socks so they don’t show at all.

tough mudder socks

These socks are almost the same as the Injinji Lightweight No Show socks, the main difference is they have a padded heel so they give you some cushioning during the running portion of the Tough Mudder.

These are among my favorite Tough Mudder socks and I highly recommend them.

The Drymax Mini Crew socks are designed with a special Dual Layer Moisture Removal System that moves moisture off the skin through the inner Drymax layer to the outer absorbent layer very quickly.

These socks have a dense padding on the bottom and will protect your feet without affecting the fit of your shoes. The Drymax Mini Crew Socks are a good choice.

The Hyper Thin Mini Crew socks are super thin, almost like not wearing a sock at all. They wont offer much in the way of padding but if you dont need it then these may a good sock for you. Being so thin they will dry out the fastest of all.

Of course your feet wont be completely dry but the Drymax sock along with the right shoe and your feet will be in good shape for the entire race.

Now that you have some good recommendations for what to wear, it’s important to know what NOT to wear.

Cotton socks will absorb water and hold on to it for the entire race. If its cold you will be absolutely miserable!

Cotton socks are a non starter, don’t even think about wearing them!

Thick socks like those used for skiing are not a good idea either. It may SEEM like a good idea for the cushioning, but you will most likely have issues with your shoes fitting properly plus the thicker they are the longer they are going to take to dry out.

You want the thinnest sock that is tight but comfortable. All of the ones listed above will make for a comfortable Tough Mudder or OCR.

Remember while you need to be in cardio shape, Tough Mudder is not just about running, you will need upper body strength to complete most of the obstacles. Here is some recommended equipment to help you train.

Good Luck!

If you are really serious about doing a Tough Mudder, or any other type of “Mud Run” the training program I recommend is the P90X. It has gotten me into the best shape of my life.  The program was created by fitness expert Tony Horton, frequent author for Men’s Health.

It is designed to get you into peak fitness in a short period of time using “Interval Workouts”, which have been proven the most effective way to lose weight and get into phenomenal shape. Its a complete program of workouts and how to eat for the most effective results and have you scaling the “Berlin Wall“,  running the “Mud Mile” and crossing the “Funky Money“.

If you follow this training plan you should be ready for the Tough Mudder, Spartan Race or Warrior Dash!

-Robert Walsh

Review Overview

Moisture Wicking

I like the Injinji Mini Crew Toesocks the best. The separation of your toes to prevent chaffing and blisters, some padding for comfort and superior wicking to keep your feet comfortable when they get wet make them tough to beat.

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